New DYNS Pricing

Dear Valued DYNS Customer,


As you're probably aware, the global economy has recently seen significant inflation across the supply chain. Rising costs in key areas such as freight logistics, cotton, and synthetic materials are having a substantial impact on our industry.


All this is directly affecting DYNS costs, and we need to react. After careful consideration, we've decided on a flat price increase of 15% for DYNS STRADA Blue, Black, and Lady jeans with Dyneema. We haven't changed the price of DYNS STRADA since 2019, despite the world changing quite a lot in that time.

The prices of our newer models CARGO and RACING will remain the same - we're always looking for opportunities to deliver the most advanced material technologies and the highest manufacturing quality at the most affordable price we can provide.


The adjustment will be effective from the 1st of June. All placed stock orders or preorders will be charged at the previous price until the 31st of May 11:59pm