DYNS JEANS Production Plans

The pandemic has changed our world. You’ve probably noticed that many manufacturers have empty stocks, or their supply of certain sizes is limited. Sadly, we’re not an exception. However, we don't order containers of jeans from Pakistan. All of our jeans are produced in Europe and that means we can be more flexible in fulfilling your wishes.

Getting your size from our warehouses in the USA or Australia is always the easiest way, but that’s not always possible. Check below you to see our current production status, pre-ordering policies, and warranties so you can make your own decision. You can either wait for your size to be back in stock or to pre-order it and to receive at the first priority, straight after production is completed, direct to your door.


Product availability status

Check any of the DYNS product pages and select your size to see the product availability on the red button:

Add to Cart - your item is in stock. It will be prepared for shipping in 1 working day and delivered in about 5 days. Shipping is free. 30 days return warranty applied.


Pre-order now - your item can be pre-ordered. Its production is planned or ongoing. You can check the planned delivery day below. Shipping is free. 30 days return warranty applied from the day of delivery to your door


Sold out - your item is out of stock and is not included in our production plans yet. We’ll definitely be producing this item later on and we’ll let you know as soon as delivery time is certain. Please leave your email in the window below the size selector so we can send you a notification.


DYNS Production Schedules





Production batch DSBLU190922

  1. Sep
  2. 01-10-23
  3. Nov
  4. Dec
Any size can be preordered
Only some sizes which are currently produced for stock can be pre-ordered
Stock deliveries only

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Production batch DSLD190922

  1. Aug
  2. Sep
  3. 01-10-23
  4. Nov
  5. Dec
Any size can be preordered
Only some sizes which are currently produced for stock can be pre-ordered
Stock deliveries only





Returns and refunds

Please remember that the DYNS pre-ordering campaigns is always a fair game. If you’ve changed your mind or found jeans from another manufacturer, you can simply ask to cancel your pre-order and receive a full refund.

If you received your pre-ordered jeans and they don't fit well, you can return them in 30 days at no cost to yourself and get either a replacement or full refund - you choose. Read more about our unconditional 30-day warranty.


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