Dyns D1 gloves are a perfect blend of the finest natural leather and Dyneema® - the strongest textile material. These sturdy gloves give excellent protection to the rider's hands without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

The soft and breathable Dyneema® Denim inserts in less critical areas and is complemented with under-knuckle vents to guarantee optimal fresh air intake even on the hottest days. The leather gives great confidence on the handlebars, superior abrasion resistance, and adds even more durability to the gloves.

We washed the Dyneema® Denim fabric before cutting to match the color of your DYNS Jeans. They look pretty cool, don’t they?

Palm heel protectors

We think that the palm heel is the most vulnerable area of the rider's hand. In most motorcycle accidents, the rider typically outstretches their palms to protect themselves from the impact. One or two simple plastic sliders can dramatically change the situation. We use two of them - increasing the width of the protected area without losing the flexibility of the palm.

Knuckle protectors

These protectors save the rider's hands from flying elements or impact in a vertical position with hands on the handlebars. There is less probability for them to be injured when sliding on the ground (in comparison with palm heels or other areas of the hand), but if you do - this is the most sensitive part of your hand bone system. We use a thick and flexible knuckle protector with rigid inserts to meet the highest DYNS safety standards.

Touchscreen Sensitive Fingertips

Ever tried to cancel a low battery message when navigating in traffic? Frustrating, isn't it? Smart-Touch technology allows you to use touchscreen devices without removing your glove. The tips of the Index fingers are made from a special inductive material that works seamlessly with most touchscreens.

Fully Lined Inside

Try on most motorcycle gloves and you’ll feel a rough, unpleasant rub on the backside of the leather, especially in the finger area. In contrast, DYNS D1 gloves are fully lined with a smooth satin-feel lining right up to the fingertips. We laminate the backside of our leather using a special synthetic textile material that doesn't form any inside 'under-glove.' There is almost no increase in the thickness of the leather, but this addition adds comfort and stays slippery when removing the gloves.


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