What are A, AA, and AAA ratings?

The main safety feature of any fabric used for motorcycle garments is to stay intact during a slide and to protect your skin. The stronger the fabric is, the longer it stays consistent when sliding. The total slide time always depends on the initial speed. That is basically the general requirement of the EN 13595-3:2017 test - the speed from which the fabric stays unbroken when sliding to a  

What is the new material and why it is stronger than our regular Dyneema?

The name of the new fabric is Armalith and it's designed in France. The basis of both Dyneema and Armalith is UHMWPE - Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - a synthetic material 15 times stronger than steel. However, Armalith uses different weaving technology. Every Armalith yarn is a composite of the UHMWPE core and Indigo cotton covering. This gives the possibility to use more UHMWPE without losing the comfortable properties of regular Denim.

How different are DYNS STRADA RACING jeans compared to our regular STRADA model?

There are two differences - the color and the protection level. We’ve already mentioned the Triple A-certified fabric. The color of the RACING model is Dark Blue Indigo - almost raw denim. It has been only minimally washed to make it more comfortable to wear and to avoid shrinkage.

Apart from these differences, they’re the same, good old STRADA jeans. Super comfy, discreet, and just like your favorite daily jeans, but now EXTREMELY protective. We use the same sizing chart and equip every pair of jeans with Level 2 Knee and Hip protectors.

How long will it take to get a pair of DYNS STRADA RACING?

You can pre-order any size from W28L30 to W44L34 and we’ll produce them for you. We’re not planning to stock DYNS STRADA RACING jeans yet.

We’ll be sending your pre-orders for production every month or earlier if we get enough pre-orders for our minimal production batch. The earlier you order, the more chance that your jeans will be produced within the next production batch. Our average manufacturing time takes about 6-7 weeks.

Returns and refunds

Even if we produce the jeans exclusively for you, the DYNS pre-ordering campaign is always a fair game. If you’ve changed your mind or found jeans from another manufacturer, you can simply ask to cancel your pre-order and receive a full refund. If you received your pre-ordered jeans and they don't fit well, you can return them in 30 days at no cost to yourself and get either a replacement (if we have a replacement in stock) or a full refund - your choice. Read more about our unconditional 30-day warranty.


We understand that 2 months can be a long time and we’re very thankful that you’ve given us the possibility to plan our manufacturing in advance. Therefore we’re happy to share our profit with you via a 25% discount. Shipping to your door is always free!



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